Kompatibel: CC 2018 und höher

Was gibt es neues im aktuellen Release InDesign CC 2018? In diesem Video zeige ich Dir die verbesserten und neuen Funktionen!

Verbesserte Funktionen

– Verbesserungen in der Stabilität, Geschwindigkeit und Oberfläche

– Absatzrahmen

– Objekt Breite/Höhe sowie ­Position im Objektformat

– Schriftenmenü: Filter nach Klassen und ­Ähnliche Schriftart

– Verläufe in Ordnern

– PDF Barrierefreiheit (10 Verbesserungen)

– Texte in CC Libraries

– Besserer HTML Export

Neue Funktionen

– Duden-Wörterbuch
Sneak-Peek Video: https://youtu.be/67_vSe8E0Oo

– Endnoten

– Zusammenfassung aller Verbesserungen und Neuerungen

Bug fixes [EN]

  1. Formfield names with dots change their name after export.
  2. Text/Values in disabled fields are not legible across theme colors.
  3. Print preview does not show transparent overlay of the document on the printer page.
  4. Issues while trying to drag and drop objects across layers in the Layers panel.
  5. Keyboard shortcut keys (W,B,G) no longer work in Presentation mode in CC 2017.1
  6. Scripting: “New Document/afterNew” doesn’t work.
  7. Bigger and Clearer Fill and Stroke Icons in the Swatches panel.
  8. Triple clicking on text does not highlight entire line in text box.
  9. Bigger reference Point Widget in the control strip
  10. Transformation values under cursor are TINY on a Retina display device
  11. Retina Displays: Table stroke in Control Panel is too thin
  12. Paragraph Shading colour changes in a doc created in CC 2015 and opened in CC 2017
  13. Convert URLs to Hyperlinks Fails when URL ends with sub-directory containing a number
  14. Converting URL to Hyperlinks detects wrongly any text with . inside letters and numbers
  15. German Language Setting adds random characters to the generated PDFs
  16. Control Panel deletes more characters than highlighted
  17. Characters are wrongly typed in reverse order in find what text box of Find/Change.
  18. Info panel information is cut-off
  19. Opacity slider not working when Control panel is docked to bottom
  20. Publish Online fails when you delete a page which was earlier published
  21. Tool Bar Pop Up menu opens on the wrong side of the second monitor
  22. Minimise program with shortcut cmd+h in the No Doc state doesn’t work sometimes
  23. You can not scroll through the Glyphs Panel, just one or two lines.

Stability fixes [EN]

  1. InDesign crashes on moving back and forth in the package workflow.
  2. InDesign crashes on immediate zoom after text selection with Shift key pressed.
  3. InDesign crashes on clicking Cancel during packaging.
  4. InDesign crashes when a user performs menu action while Character alternate UI is active.
  5. InDesign crashes on scrolling or deleting the pages for some specific documents.
  6. InDesign crashes on running a script from flyout menu, if another document is already open.
  7. InDesign does a protective shutdown on recursive place of documents saved on local drive.
  8. InDesign crashes when placing a doc in another doc and then that doc into a third one, with one modified link.
  9. InDesign crashes on overriding cell styles in a table.
  10. InDesign crashes on recursive place of documents shared over network.
  11. [Mac] InDesign crashes while opening a quark document.
  12. InDesign crashes on showing tabbed panel in ScriptUI based dialog.
  13. Improvements in handling scenarios which were earlier resulting in protective shutdown while performing actions such as Save, Save As, and Save a Copy.

Accessibility features [EN]

  1. Alt-Txt: Earlier, you cannot tag InDesign native objects and graphics as figures. Now the alt txt added to graphics is exported to tagged PDF and the corresponding alt txt is read by screen reader for the graphics.
  2. Support for footnote: Proper footnote tagging is now supported in tagged PDF
  3. Anchored text frames and anchored groups tagging: Support for anchored objects tagging, which was not available earlier, has been added. Now, you will get tags for anchored text frames and anchored groups in exported PDF
  4. Master pages tagging: Any page object on master page should not be tagged in exported PDF and should have an artifact tag in contents panel of acrobat. Overriding master page items should show the tags of page items in exported PDF
  5. Index tagging: Earlier, you were able to create index but the index tag was not exported to PDF. Now this can be done and index tagging, which was previously role mapped to paragraph, is now mapped to index only.
  6. List tag language: Earlier, list tag language was by default English in the exported PDF. Now the correct list language gets exported in the tagged PDF as set by the user.
  7. List tagging: Earlier, nested list tag structure was contained in LBody of primary list which was read incorrectly. Now, the correct structure of nested list tagging is implemented
  8. Caption tagging: InDesign now supports Live Caption tagging. Figure captioned with live caption gets a caption tag as a child of figure tag
  9. TOC: Support for TOC tagging structure is implemented which was previously mapped to paragraph tagging. Also, now it is mandatory for a TOC containing hyperlinks to have tags.

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