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  • InDesign Tip: When formatting text, press Cmd+Option+7 to toggle the Control panel between Character and Paragraph options (via @mninness) 11:17 AM Nov 30th, 2010
  • mninness InDesign Tip: If you want to edit paths of artwork pasted in from Illustrator, turn off „Prefer PDF“ in Preferences > Clipboard Handling. Wed Jan 19 17:51:10 2011
  • idguy Digital Publishing Suite Tip: Always give your MSOs, states and buttons unique names to maintain appearance when switching iPad orientations Mon Feb 7 15:56:26 2011
  • RT @mninness: InDesign Tip: perhaps my all time fave: Paste in Place to copy item & paste in same place on dif page or doc. Cmd+Opt+Shift+V Thu Mar 17 17:53:57 2011
  • idguy InDesign Tip: Hold down cmd+shift+opt or ctrl+shift+alt when clicking menus to display contents in alphabetical order. Wed Mar 23 18:57:46 2011
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